“Committee Against Torture” was included in the list of foreign agents for the third time

The “Committee against Torture” was included in the register of foreign agents for the third time. In 2015, the organization was already included in the list, but then it self-liquidated and created a new legal entity, which was also recognized as a foreign agent

The Ministry of Justice included the “Committee against Torture” to the register of non-registered NCO-foreign agents, follows from the data on its website.

In the column of foreign sources of funding, the charitable foundation for assistance to victims of malfeasance “Committee against Torture” is indicated.

RBC applied for a comment to the press service of the organization.

«Committee Against Torture»— Russian human rights organization, it receives complaints and represents the interests of victims in courts. Its website states that the main activity of human rights defenders is “public investigation of complaints of torture, inhuman or degrading treatment.” The organization was founded in 2000. By 2022, its specialists have verified 3,108 allegations of human rights violations and have secured payments of more than 285 million rubles. as compensation and conviction of 154 security officials in cases of torture.

In 2015, the Ministry of Justice recognized the “Committee against Torture” as a NPO acting as a foreign agent. The department said that the CPT aimed to influence the adoption of decisions by state bodies aimed at changing their policies. After being recognized as a foreign agent and the court refused to review the decision, the legal entity self-liquidated.

But then a new organization was created— “Committee for the Prevention of Torture”. In 2016, he was also recognized as a foreign agent, after which human rights activists began to operate under their former name, but without forming a legal entity.

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