Polls show left-wing leadership in French parliamentary elections

Jean-Luc Mélenchon's leftist Nupes bloc outperforms President Emmanuel Macron's “Together!” with a result of 26.2 vs. 25.8%


“New People's Ecological and Social Union” (Nupes) Jean-Luc Mélenchon bypasses President Emmanuel Macron's “Together!” in the first round of the parliamentary elections in France, gaining 26.2%, according to a survey by the Elabe Institute for BFMTV.

According to Elabe, the results after processing 70% of the ballots are as follows:

  • Nupes (which includes Jean-Luc Mélenchon's Insubordinate France, the Socialist Party, the Communist Party, and the ;Europe—Environment—Green») gained 26.2%;
  • Ensemble! (“Together!”, the “Renaissance” party of the current President Macron, the centrist “Democratic Movement” and the center-right “Horizons” and “Act”)— 25.8%;
  • “National Association” Marine Le Pen— 19.1%;
  • Republicans— 11.1%;
  • All other associations participating in the elections scored less than 6%.

There are 577 seats in the lower house of the French Parliament. There are 6293 registered candidates in the current elections who are elected in majoritarian districts.

To win in the first round, a candidate must receive an absolute majority and at least 25% of the votes of registered voters. If none of the candidates has achieved this, a second round is held, in which politicians who have gained at least 12.5% ​​take part. The winner is the one with the most votes. Term of deputy powers— five years.

Voting in polling stations throughout France began on the morning of 12 June. The final results of the elections will be known only after June 19, when the second round will be held.

According to Ifop's pre-election poll, Macron's camp could win between 250 and 290 seats, with 289 needed to win a majority. However, according to Politico's forecast, the centrists could win up to 310 seats. The bloc led by Mélenchon can expect to occupy from 190 to 235 seats, right— from 42 to 62, and the party of Le Pen— from 25 to 28.

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In the last election in 2017, Macron's Center Party Forward the Republic! received the absolute majority of seats— 308, and in association with the party “Democratic Movement” (Mouvement démocrate) centrist bloc consisted of 350 deputies. Nevertheless, the presidential majority proved unstable, and by the end of the term, 267 deputies remained in the LREM faction. In turn, the Mélenchon party in the last elections received only 17 seats, and the socialist party— 30.

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