“Take even your mother-in-law into the bunker.” In the West massively buy bomb shelters

The crisis in Ukraine has provoked demand in the West for private bomb shelters. Some companies are recording as much as a 700% increase in demand for their products. Among the clients — billionaires and celebrities.

Bomb Demand

“Interest in bunkers can now be compared to chasing new iPhones”, — an entrepreneur from Mantua tells the French edition of Causeur Giulio Cavicchioli, who has been building small private bunkers for over 20 years. All these years, the neighbors laughed at him, but after the start of the SVO in Ukraine, the smirks disappeared from their faces. According to the entrepreneur, in the last month of February, he was hit by a flurry of calls and orders for shelters. The shaft hasn't came down so far.

Panic moods, which result in the demand for private bunkers and bomb shelters, do not only haunt Italians. The British firm Subterranean Spaces, which specializes in & nbsp; bunkers, recorded a 100% increase in demand for & nbsp; its products in early March, writes the Daily Mail. “People have even asked if we supply do-it-yourself kits. It's like people are going to build their own nuclear bunkers! — told British reporters Subterranean Spaces Chief Charles Hardman.

“We used to have 10 calls a day, now — 60 an hour!» — echoes his colleague from Germany, marketing director of Bunker Systems Germany Mark Schmichen. And in some US states, the demand for bomb-shelters jumped as much by 700%. “There was a wave of panic buying. People call and ask what small bins we have in stock so they can be delivered as soon as possible, as if it were a new TV or lawn mower   —     said Texas construction firm owner Ron Hubbard. On February 24, his competitor Rising S Bunkers sold as many as five bunkers at $70,000 to $240,000 thousands.

A bunker with a greenhouse

Companies specializing in the construction of bunkers lived and prospered long before the Ukrainian crisis. The demand for  their products was provided by numerous conspiracy theorists, “preppers”, members of various cults awaiting the end of the world. A popular idea is to have your own spare bunker just in case, and with billionaires from Silicon Valley. Forbes wrote that top managers of technology companies were actively buying up land on small uninhabited islands of the Pacific Ocean, in deserts like the Chilean Atacama, or in New Zealand — in any hard-to-reach and remote places of civilization places where you could to wait out the man-made apocalypse.

  I constantly hear this in conversations with many people — told The New Yorker LinkedIn founder Reed Hoffman. — Suddenly a new civil war will start? Or will there be uprisings against the rich? Or a new world war? According to him, having your own bunker among Silicon Valley billionaires is now as common as owning a Ferrari.

Depending on the financial capabilities of the client, construction companies offer a different range. For example, Cavicchioli builds small compact bunkers of the “economy” class with an area of ​​u200bu200bno more than 30-40 “squares”. The bomb shelter is located at a depth of 1.5 m underground and most of all resembles an ordinary basement. The amenities there are the simplest, there is no furniture and decoration. A square meter of a bunker costs about two to three thousand euros.

Rising S Company, a Texas company specializing in the construction of such shelters, offers more “fancy” options. Prices for their products start from $39 thousand and reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. In a standard 100 sq.m. meters, you will be offered bombproof reinforced concrete ceilings, bulletproof doors and solar panels on the surface, and the design of the shelter will not be limited to simple bare walls. Price for such beauty — $300 thousand

Finally, luxury bomb shelters accommodate a garage for your favorite cars, a mini-greenhouse and a gym. "Furniture from the best sorts of wood, chic interior decoration will make you feel like a king even in the darkest days of the end of mankind" — approves the advertising catalog. Radiation protection will be installed in the shelter, and any compartment of the bunker can be isolated in case of infection. The most spacious bunker can take up to  22 people (“you can take even your favorite mother-in-law from Ohio” with you), who can live completely autonomously for up to a dozen years. But and the price bites — $3 million 290 thousand

The clients of such companies in the UK are now professional athletes and other celebrities, politicians, highly paid top managers of the City of London, writes The Sun.

A question of state

The topic of building new bunkers is gradually entering the state level. In Finland, on the eve of the announcement of the country joining NATO , journalists were shown a network of underground shelters of countries, which includes not only all amenities, but and such luxuries as football fields. In Germany, the Minister of Construction of Bavaria proposed to provide citizens with subsidies for the construction of underground bunker garages. The idea of ​​restoring the system of public bomb shelters is also being discussed in the federal government, writes Spiegel. The topic is relevant, because in Germany by 2007 most of the bomb shelters were abolished as unnecessary or converted into offices or housing. In Switzerland, the authorities began to check the condition of the air-raid shelters left over from the Cold War.

By the way, some of such bunkers were bought up by the same construction companies. Now, some of them are luxury underground shelters. For example, the American company Vivos is engaged in just such. Her classic bunker — is an underground Survival Condo Project in Kansas. Located in an old missile silo purchased from the US government, the bunker is 53 meters deep. It has a medical center, a gym, a shooting range, a cinema and even a small greenhouse park. In total, the shelter has 4 residential units worth $3 million each and one luxury room at a price of $4.5 million.       — a cook, an agronomist, a doctor, several technicians and cleaners. Similar bunkers of the company can be found in Europe, and Vivos does disclose their location for security reasons.

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