Zelensky’s helicopter was tracked by the Russian system “Container”

The airspace of Ukraine is completely controlled

President Zelensky recently left the Kyiv bunker and visited some sectors of the front. For example, in Kharkov, Luhansk region, Zaporozhye. He flew in a presidential helicopter, accompanied by combat vehicles. Does Russian air defense have the ability to track such flights? As a specialist in the field of air defense technology told MK, the flights of the leaders of Ukraine are completely tracked by our radars.

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Flights of senior officials, and even in combat conditions, are always a small air operation. It usually flies not one aircraft, but at least three: the main helicopter, the reserve one, as well as combat cover or fire support vehicles – usually the Mi-24.

Often the group is accompanied by a repeater helicopter that provides continuous communication of the main with the control centers. The Svyaznoy is moving 50-80 meters higher than the main meters.

Ukrainian air defense forces were probably warned about Zelensky's flight so that they would not shoot down their own. This is common for Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners. Recently, for example, they shot down their own Su-27.

True, often in order to ensure the secrecy of a VIP flight, misinformation about incorrect routes is thrown into the air.

Did you manage to track the “secret” flights of Zelensky of our air defense? The interlocutor of “MK”, ​​a specialist in the field of anti-aircraft systems, believes that our military had all the information about the movement of Zelensky.

– I assure you, we can control such flights, – said the interlocutor of MK, – no matter how low the altitude is. The Russian air defense has the necessary means. Intelligence is working, and our calculations clearly imagined who was flying, where and why.

The specialist recalled that the Russian aerospace defense has “Container” radar stations that “see” airspace up to three thousand kilometers .

– They are installed in all directions, – he said. – These are long-range radio-technical reconnaissance stations. In addition to tracking air targets, they solve problems in the interests of missile and space defense. It was such a station from our territory that tracked, for example, the attack of US cruise missiles on targets in Syria in 2019. All targets were then detected in a timely manner, and a warning passed to whoever needed it.

So, airspace control at long and short distances is carried out constantly. Duty forces and means control the airspace over Ukraine. All information, including about Zelensky's flights, flows to the central command post. And there decisions are already being made regarding goals, the expert concluded.

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